Saturday, February 14

5 things I learnt from the Minions

For all those who don't know who Minions are, stop reading this post and start watching 'Despicable me'! In the movie, minions are shown as the loyal followers of Gru, a super-villain. They are tiny, yellow creatures who speak in the cutest way known to mankind.

Minions taught me to laugh at the smallest things.  They laugh at each other. They laugh at themselves. They laugh while carrying on mundane tasks like photocopying papers (Actually that's because they're copying butts). I can safely say that they laugh a lot more on themselves than Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor ever did at the AIB Roast. And that is saying something!

Minions taught me the importance of team work. There is hardly an activity they do without each other's support- even if it's farting their way to glory.

Minions taught me the joys of giving. Gru falls short of funds for his mission to steal the moon. It is wonderful to see minions come forth to contribute everything they own for the sake of the mission. At another time, they go out of their way to buy a 'Papoy' (Minion for 'Toy') to keep little Agnes from getting upset.

Minions taught me to be solution oriented. Once, in a fit of rage, Gru sets the phone on fire. It is amazing to see the minions jump to solve the crisis with their fire fighting equipment. It's another thing that they ultimately worsen the fire but it's the effort that counts.

Minions taught me to love with all my heart. You can see it in their love for "bananas" or "gelato". For them, love is NOT about letting go.

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